Art and Culture of Darbhanga

Darbhanga, also known as ‘Cultural Capital of Bihar’ is located in heart of Mithilanchal in North Bihar. This city is most famous for its association with royal Darbhanga Raj and its cultural and literal traditions which make it vibrant and unique. Its folk art, music and literal traditions are continuing from ancient times. With the passage of time, this city has changed a lot but essence of its culture is still same as before.
Art and Culture of Darbhanga
People still believe in their cultural traditions, rites and rituals. Traditional dance and music adds fun and frolic to every festival or social occasion in this region. Different forms of traditional folk drama are also popular in Darbhanga. Songs of famous Maithili poet Vidyapati are mostly sung on all the special occasions in this region.

Religions in Darbhanga

Darbhanga is a place where people from several religions live together. Majority of the population in Darbhanga belongs to Hindu religion. Islam is another prominent religion in Darbhanga . Rest of the population belongs to Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism and Christianity. Thus, Darbhanga is cultural hub due to presence of different religions and communities in the region.

Festivals in Darbhanga

Festivals in DarbhangaDarbhanga is known for its rich art and culture and is also considered ‘Cultural Capital of Bihar’. When it comes to celebration, this region is capable of captivating anyone with its special fairs and festivals. Just like other states of the country, Diwali, Holi, Dussehra, Rakhi, Ramnavami, Eid, Christmas etc. are some of the common festivals celebrated in Darbhanga. Along with these common festivals, Darbhanga also hosts some other fairs and festivals with great pomp and gaiety. Janmashtami Mela, Kartik Purnima Mela, Dussehra Mela, Diwali Mela and Sauratha Sabha are special fairs held occasionally at different places in Darbhanga. Some of the regional festivals celebrated in Darbhanga are Madhushrawani, Kojagra, Indra Puja and Jat- Jatin.

Languages in Darbhanga

Darbhanga is home to people of different cultural and social backgrounds having their own traditional values and beliefs. Thus, numbers of regional languages are spoken in this district. But, Maithili is the dominant language among locals in Darbhanga. Most of the population in this region prefers to communicate in Maithili. Muslim community in this region speaks a different variant of Urdu with touch of Maithili which can be called Maithili-Urdu. Hindi is official language in this region and is also spoken in this region by locals. Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Sindhi, Marwari are some of other languages spoken in Darbhanga. English is spoken by a significant part of educated people in the region.

Folk Songs and Drama of Darbhanga

Folk songs and dramas (Nataks) are the heartthrob of Darbhanga. People of Darbhanga love to sing in traditional styles. Darbhanga is popular for its Darbhanga tradition of Dhrupad singing. Traditional Folk drama styles are too popular in this area and folk artists from this region are gaining popularity in other parts of the country as well. Gradually, this traditional folk drama of this district is also becoming popular among drama lovers of other country too. Nautanki Nach, Madhushrawani, Sama Chakeva and Nautanki are most popular folk drama styles of this district. Tradional drama or nataks of Darbhanga are mostly based on religious and social themes.

Culture of Darbhanga

Adarsh Kala Manch and Mithila Chetna Parishad are two artistic groups much popular for their performances in this district and other parts as well. Adarsh Kala Manch is a local group of amateur artists working for publicity of rich art and culture of Darbhanga. On the contrary, Mithila Chetna Parishad is group of professional artists and is managed in proper professional way. Both of the groups are actively involved in spreading rich art and culture of this region among a large section of society. Adarsh Kala Manch covers local area and performs in unique style presenting local Maithili Nataks of this district. Mithila Chetna Parishad looks after major cultural activities in term of folk drama and ensures proper development of this art in the entire region. It also conducts stage shows in other cities of the country as well as performs in other countries to increase popularity of this traditional folk drama of this region.

Art and Craft of Darbhanga

Darbhanga is rich in art and culture and is most popular for its Madhubani paintings which are far famed for their unique artwork. Infact, Darbhanga is one of the perfect places to learn this traditional folk art of paintings. There are number of stores and outlets available in Darbhanga selling unique Madhubani paintings. Apart from that craft of this region is also famous for its artistic approach. Sikki Mauni craft is popular traditional craft of this region. Sikki is hard grass from which artistic articles are made that not only looks beautiful but also used in daily life. Bamboo work is too awesome and what about clay toys? They are quite captivating. Clay made elephant with heavy artwork on ears and back is much popular among people of this region. This clay elephant is believed to be auspicious and is placed on top of the house during any special occasion or ceremony at home. Thus, Darbhanga boasts of its unique art and craft which make it centre of attraction and popular among all the art and craft lovers.

Cuisines of Darbhanga

Famous for Makhana, Fish and Paan, Darbhanga offers a wide range of delicious, lip smacking and mouthwatering cuisines to its visitors and residents. Darbhanga is known for trade of its local aquatic food product, Makhana which not only tastes yummy but also keeps one healthy. Kheer Makhana is the most popular sweet dish of this region and salty cuisines of makhana are too popular among locals. Chuda, Dahi, Chini and Sattu are the all time favorite food options of the people in this district. Kadi-bari is another very special dish served in this part of Bihar. Mughlai cuisines are also favourite delicacies of the citizens in this region.

Food culture of Darbhanga

Paya, Bakar khani, Nihari, Kabaab are some of the famous Mughlai dishes in Darbhanga. Fish is also part of daily food of the non-vegetarians of the region. Fish made in mustard paste is delicious cuisine that one must try once. Sattu and Lassi are local drinks of Darbhanga and easily available in every nook and corner of the district. In Darbhanga, Paan is the major refreshing item and it is tradition to chew Paan after meal.

Costume in Darbhanga

In Darbhanga, traditional costume of women is saree worn out in ‘Seedha Anchal’ style. In rural areas, women still wear saree in this traditional style. But, modern style of saree draping has replaced this Seedha anchal style of saree in urban areas. Women also put on salwar kameez in urban areas. Generally, girls put on salwar-kameez or churidar in this region. Some of the girls wear western outfits too in Darbhanga city. As usual, women of this region love to put on traditional as well as modern ornaments on special occasions. Usually, men prefer shirts and trouser in urban and rural areas as well. But Dhoti Kurta is the traditional costume for men in Darbhanga. Well, youth is experimenting with looks and costumes nowadays to stay updated with new fashion trends.

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