Cuisines of Darbhanga

Well known for its rich art and culture, Darbhanga is also famous for its mouthwatering cuisines. Darbhanga is located in northern part of Bihar state in India. Thus, influence of Bihari food is visible in cuisines of Darbhanga. In fact, Darbhanga is far famed for trade of mango, makhana and fish. Makhana (Fox Nut) is a local aquatic food product which is produced on large scale in Darbhanga. There are so many varieties of fishes available in Darbhanga making it a good food option for non-vegetarians in this region. Traditional food of Darbhanga is delicious and delectable too. Kheer Makhana is the famous sweet dish of this region. Paan is special refreshing item of Darbhanga which is usually served after meal.

Cuisines of Darbhanga

Staple food of Darbhanga comprises of Rice, Chappati, Lentils and Vegetables. People of this region love Chuda or Chiwda, Dahi, Chini and Sattu a lot. There are specific segment of people in Darbhanga who are non-vegetarians and fish is the main food item of their daily life. ‘Machchar Jhor’, fish curry made in spicy paste of mustard is favourite cuisine of non-vegetarian people in this region. People of Darbhanga also love sweet dishes and Makhana Kheer, Motichoor ke Laddoo, Malpua, Jalebi are few of them. Mughlai dishes are too popular in this region and Paya, Nihari, Baqer Khani are ready to relish one’s taste buds with its mouthwatering taste.

Traditional Cuisines of Darbhanga

Traditional delicacies of Darbhanga are mouthwatering and lip smacking as well. Dishes made with makhana are much popular in this region. Kheer Makhana is the most famous sweet dish of Darbhanga. It is made with sugar, makhana and milk. Apart from that salty dishes of makhana are also popular among locals. Chura –Dahi and Poori-Alloo dam with jalebis are the famous dishes usually taken in breakfast. Kadhi Bari is another exclusive food to taste in this part of Bihar. Darbhanga had been under rule of Mughals for a long time. Thus, Mughlai touch is found in dishes of this region. Fish, egg and chicken are too famous among non-vegetarians in this region. Baqer Khani, Mutton Biryani, Paya, Nihari, Pulaav, Nargisi Kofte, Bihari kabab etc. are some of the famous cuisines in this region.

Traditional food of Darbhanga

Machchar Jhor is famous cuisine of Mithila region and it is fish curry specially prepared in spicy mustard paste. Arikanchanak Tarkari is another famous Maithil dish which is made of marinated sun dried Colocasia leaves by steaming and cooking in mustard gravy. Ramruch, Daail Jhinguni, Chilha, Chini wali roti, Masalgar Murhi are other famous traditional cuisines of this region. Mustard oil is used for cooking in traditional method of cooking in this region. Pickles are also part of traditional food in Darbhanga. Sattu and lassi are the famous traditional drink of this region. Paan is the famous refreshing item of Darbhanga which is taken after meal. Paan is sweet beat leaf flavoured with cardamom, sweet fennel, rosepetals, sugar crystas, clove etc. It is tradition in Darbhanga to chew Paan after completion of meal.

Sweets of Darbhanga

Sweets add sweetness to the life and that is the main reason why every occasion is incomplete without presence of sweet dishes. Darbhanga is not an exception too as people of this region love to prepare and eat sweets as well. Makahna Kheer is popular sweet dish of this region and usually made on every festival or special occasion. Motichoor ke Laddoo, Jalebi, Malpua, Thekua, Khurma, Chena Murki, Suzi ka Halwa are some of the famous sweet items of this region. Apart from sweets, various sweet preservatives like Ammath, Papita ka Murabba, Dhatrikak Murabba are also popular in this region.

Snacks of Darbhanga

Snacks are too famous among people in Darbhanga. Samosa, Pakora, Dhuska, Salty Makhana, Chiwra or Chuda, Sattu, Ltti etc. are favourite snacks of the locals in this area. Street food in Darbhanga is as popular as in other parts of the country. One can find numbers of road side stalls selling delicious snacks and other food items. One can enjoy street food in every nook and corner of this district. Dal puri is another popular snack of this region and is made by filling mixture of lentils (dals) and spices in puri and then deep frying in oil.

Snacks of  Darbhanga

Litti is famous snack of Bihar region which is equally popular in every part of part of this state. It is made of wheat flour in form of baked round balls filled with gram flour and desi ghee. Litti is eaten with Chokha and its taste is too yummy. In recent years, fast food has become much popular and favourite of all age groups. Everyone loves to eat fast food and thus, numbers of fast food joints can be seen in every nook and corner of any city. Darbhanga too is dotted with many eating joints i.e. Paul Fast Food, Delhi Sweet & Chaat, Trimurti Fast Food etc. where lip smacking snacks and fast food is easily available.

Restaurants in Darbhanga

Traditional delicacies of Darbhanga are delectable and yummiest too. But, if one wants to try out something else like Chinese, Punjabi, Bengali, Mughlai, Continental etc. then there are lots of option available in this city. Darbhanga is dotted with restaurants where varieties of cuisines are served. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian both type of restaurants are present in this city where one can find delicious and mouthwatering cuisines. JAI Bhawani Restaurant, Bhaj Govindam, Spicy Hut Restaurants, Tandoor Plaza Café, Sweet India Restaurant, Ritu Raj Family Restaurant, Mauj Mela, Delhi Darbaar and Ganga Executive Club are some of the best restaurants in Darbhanga which are popular for their delicious cuisines among locals and visitors both. So, once in Darbhanga don’t forget to try out mouthwatering delicacies of this culturally and literally rich city.

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