Emergency Services in Darbhanga

Emergency is that unexpected event which may happen anytime in life. Sometimes, it becomes reason of huge damage to many lives. Though one can’t escape from sudden occurrence of emergency, prevention may reduce possibility and severity of mishap or tragic incidents. Thus, it is always recommended to follow safety measurements and be prepared in advance to combat any emergency or mishap. Emergency services are required to control severity of any mishap and provide timely help to the injured or affected person.

Darbhanga Emergency Services

One should keep emergency contacts handy every time during travel and within reach at home or workplace as well. It is necessary to ensure proper availability of emergency services to combat any tragic situation at any place. Darbhanga too is well equipped with ambulance service, blood banks, fire station, hospitals, clinics, chemists and such other emergency services. Read on to explore more about various emergency services in Darbhanga which one can contact for help or assistance in case of any emergency.

Ambulance Services in Darbhanga

Ambulance service is most important emergency service which plays vital role in saving one’s life in case of mishap or emergency. In case of emergency, timely treatment is required to save the precious life of injured. Whenever anything wrong happens one has to call ambulance for assistance as it is the best medium to take injured or patient to the hospital for medical treatment. In Darbhanga, numbers of ambulance services are available for providing help in emergency to the people in the city. Equipped with all amenities many of these ambulance services are also involved in the transportation of Corona patients.Here are listed ambulance services in Darbhanga where one can call in emergency for availing ambulance service.

Hospitals in Darbhanga

Ambulance Seva
Address: Darbhanga City, Darbhanga Ho, Darbhanga - 846004
Contact: +(91)-9835470521

Naushad Ambulance Sewa
Address: Tower Chowk, Laheria Sarai, Hospital Road
Darbhanga Ho, Darbhanga - 846004
Contact: +(91)-9835071014

Badruddin Ambulance Service
Address: Near RB Memorial, Laheriasarai
Darbhanga Ho, Darbhanga - 846004
Contact: +(91)-9507837663

Cardiac Ambulance
Address: Darbhanga City, Darbhanga Ho, Darbhanga - 846004
Contact: +(91)-9631971702

Blood Banks in Darbhanga

Hospitals and Blood Banks in DarbhangaBlood banks in Darbhanga are well equipped to carry put safe blood transfusion. They provide major help in case of excess blood loss due to serious injury or major operation. In case of urgent requirement of blood one has to look out for quick arrangement of blood of same group. In such condition, blood bank is the right place to contact for arranging blood in the time. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time in finding out the location of blood bank in any city and this delay in arrangement of blood units may cause complications and worsen the situation. Thus, it is advisable to keep contacts of blood banks all the time ready to avoid further inconvenience. Below is given contact details of blood banks in Darbhanga city where one can contact for assistance in case of blood related requirements.
Old Blood Bank
Address: Darbhanga Medical College Hospital
Laheriasarai, Darbhanga

Chemists in Darbhanga

Chemists are one of the necessary emergency services which provide assistance in case of emergency. Medical or pharmaceutical stores help a lot by providing medical help in condition of urgent requirement of medicines. Darbhanga is dotted with pharmaceutical stores which provide medicines and common medical equipments to the patients and needy people in the city. Apart from usual timings, 24 hours service of chemists is also available in this city. These shops also serve the patients affeceted from Covid 19. In many of these chemist shops you can medicines for Covid 19 affected patients. Also devices like Pulse Oximeters, Digital Thermometers, Masks, Hand Sanitizers can be purchased. One can easily locate nearest chemist to purchase medicines on urgent basis. Here are given contact details of some of the famous chemists available in Darbhanga.

Swastik Medical Store
Address: Near Durga Mandir, Benta Chowk
Benta South, Darbhanga - 846003
Contact: +(91)-9986092072

New Medical Hall
Address: Lohia Chowk, Bakarganj
Laheriasarai, Darbhanga - 846001
Contact: +(91)-8092080097, +(91)-6272-240406

New Jivan Jyoti Medical Store
Address: VIP Road, Alalpatti
Mirzapur, Darbhanga - 847101
Contact: +(91)-9334912677

Janakpur Medical
Address: Benta Chowk, Laheriasarai
Darbhanga Ho, Darbhanga - 846004
Contact: +(91)-8298552418

Hind Medico
Address: Hospital Road, Laheriasarai
Darbhanga Ho, Darbhanga - 846004
Contact: +(91)-9334426539

Police Helpline in Darbhanga

Police Helpline in DarbhangaDarbhanga district police is responsible to maintain law and order and control crime in the city. It ensures proper safety of the residents and makes proper arrangements to make it possible. There are 23 police stations present in Darbhanga to keep vigil on all the criminal and extremist activities and maintain peace and harmony in the region. One can contact Darbhanga District Police for assistance in case of violence, criminal activity, burglary, molestation, eve teasing etc. Police stations in Darbhanga also ensures safety of women and girls in the city and make extra arrangements in this regard. Along with police is active in community policing to maintain good relations with public.
Inspector General (I.G.), Darbhanga
Office: 06272-245384
Fax: 06272-245576
Mobile: 09431822952

Deputy Inspector General (D.I.G.), Darbhanga
Office: 06272-245389
Fax: 06272-245358
Mobile: 09431822957

Senior Superintendent of Police (S.S.P.), Darbhanga
Office: 06272-245382
Fax: 06272-245206
Mobile: 09431822992

Police Station: Town, Darbhanga
Contact: 06272 - 222437
Mobile: 09431822489

Women Helpline in Darbhanga

Women safety is major issue of concern in every part of the country. Darbhanga is not an exception when it comes to provide safety and security to the women in the city. Darbhanga district police looks after security of this city. Apart from that special women helpline is available for providing help to the women in case of any problem. Note down under mentioned contact details for availing services of women helpline in Darbhanga.

Women Helpline, Darbhanga
Address: Near Garib Nawaj School & Nursing Hostel
Petrol Pump, Pidranagar, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga
Contact Person: Ms. Yasmit Nisha
Contact: 9771468010

Fire Stations in Darbhanga

First of all, fire station is contacted for assistance in case of any mishap occurred due to serious fire. Fire stations provide major help in case of serious fire by providing fire service to save lives of victims and to control fire rapidly.has a fire station well equipped to handle any major or minor fire accident. From fire tender vehicles to important fire fighting equipments like fire hose cabinet, hydrant gate valves, pressure restricting valve, fire extinguisher, fire department of Darbhanga posses all and more. In short they are well equipped to handle any sort of residential or commercial fire in the city. Here is listed major contact of fire station in Darbhanga where one can call for assistance in case of fire.

Madhubani Fire Station, Darbhanga
Address: Darbhanga Main Road, Darbhanga, Madhubani - 847211
Landmark: Near State Bank of India
Phone: 06276-226351

Hence, Darbhanga offers a wide range of emergency services to its inhabitants and visitors as well. All sorts of necessary help in case of emergency or mishap are available in the city. And these emergency services are upgrading with the time. But,all these emergency services are helpful only if one is aware about availability of these services and contacts. So, make sure to note down all help lines and contacts of emergency services in Darbhanga to combat any tragic incident. Apart from that be careful and do take care of yourself and others as well to avoid occurrence of any mishap.

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